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if you are looking for advance PPC training? then you are in the right place. Most up-to-date training to teach you the game-changing marketing strategies. Master opportunity to advance your career where you always wanted it to be. Gain in-demand skills and valuable knowledge so that you can face the competition.

You'll learn everything about how to create an effective ads to grow your business.
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Search Network Ads Search Network

Learn about Keyword research, Conversion tracking, Ad extensions, Types of ads — RSA, call-only, and much more

Display Network Ads Display Network

Learn about Google display network including bids, banner creation, how to target, Types of ads — RDA, image, and video

Video Ads YouTube Advertising

Learn about YouTube advertising including Types of ads — Bumper, Overlay, Skippable, and Non-skippable

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vinay rana

Helping people to grow their business, and marketing skills.
I’ve worked in several companies in Noida City, working closely with startups to established brands, several large businesses around the world, and managed millions of dollars of budgets. I enjoy training people and helping them understand how to setup and manage a successful campaign.
I love to help others to the best of my knowledge. When working together, I will help you get where you want to be. I value building mutual success, open communication and strong relationships. Learn More »

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