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What Is Google Tag Assistant?

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In this tutorial you will learn about Google Tag Assistant, how to install it and use it.

Google Tag Assistant is a free chrome extension that checks weather Google Tags are working or not. Google Tag are like Google Tag manager, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.

If you have installed Google Tag Manager on your website then how you will check its status whether it’s working or not. Best way of verifying the status of tag is through Google Tag Assistant

Below are the steps to install Google Tag Assistant and use it.

Step:1- Go to Google and type Google Tag Assistant in search box. This opens a page with many links. Click on the first link. This opens a Chrome Web Store page.

Google Tag Assistant Chrome
Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension

Step:2- Click on Add To Chrome icon on the page. This will open a box. Click on Add extension. This again opens a box showing Tag Assistant has been added to chrome.

add to Google chrome
Add extension to Google Chrome

Step:3– Now a blue color icon appears on the tool bar.

blue color icon

Blue color icon appears on the tool bar

Step:4- Click the blue color icon. This opens a drop-down box. Click on Enable and Now, open the website.

blue color icon
Click to blue color icon for enable

Step:5- Again click on the blue color icon. This opens a drop-down box showing all active installed tags on website.

show Google tags
Shows Google tags

In this way you can easily install and use Google Tag Assistant and check the status of all working tags.

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