How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

If you want to start a career in Digital Marketing but don’t know from where to begin, this post will provide you the required guidance.

 If you are not sure how to start the career in Digital Marketing, below mentioned three steps will be very helpful. 

Know the basics and learn analyzing

To start your journey in Digital Marketing the most important step is to acquire the knowledge of basic concepts and learn analyzing. As a fresher one must have complete information about what is Digital Marketing and its basic concepts.

In order to, acquire knowledge about Digital Marketing there are two steps available. 

a) Free: In this category there are two ways in which you can get the knowledge about Digital Marketing. First, through free courses which are readily available on internet.

For example, Digital Unlocked is a free course available on Google. 

Second, if you want to learn the basics of Digital Marketing in a more professional manner, you can follow my channel on YouTube.

b) Paid: In this category also there are two options available. First, you can join any professional institute that provides Digital Marketing courses. You can also take training by a digital marketing expert. 

Second, you can take help from any paid courses that are widely available in the market. 


Focus learning, not just certificate — Above all, the most important factor when you are going for any course whether free or paid, your focus should be more at learning and not only at acquiring the certificate. 

Learning is very crucial for students because in order to clear any interview for a job you must answer the question to prove your credibility. Learning is also vital for a businessman to grow its business.

If you have complete knowledge then you can easily crack the exam for a certificate. 

Start practicing

Now that you have all the necessary information about Digital Marketing, the next step is to implement whatever you have learned. 

There are two ways of executing the knowledge gained about Digital Marketing.

a) Setup blog: You can set up your blog and start practicing digital marketing on your own blog on daily basis in free time. 

b) Internship: You can also do internship in any company with the help of your profile on LinkedIn or Internship in a company can be a good platform for you to start as a fresher. 

Stay updated

Last but not the least, Digital Marketing is the dynamic field so staying updated with the latest technology is the need of the hour. 

a) Follow Blog: For latest updates in Digital Marketing you can follow blogs like Neilpatel, Backlinko or hubspot. 

b) Join groups: You can also join digital marketing pages on Facebook or LinkedIn to keep yourself aware about digital marketing trends. 

c) Forum: In this category you can take help of Warrior and Digitalpoint.

d) Events: You can also attend webinars and workshops conducted by various companies, for latest updates in Digital Marketing. 

e) Follow Influencer: Another effective way of keeping yourself updated is to follow the experts in digital marketing who are active on social media. 

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