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The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page

When a digital marketer plans to promote a business online, then multiple strategies are applied to the website. One crucial strategy is PPC in which some definite ads are placed to the keywords and when a user inputs those keywords in a search engine, then the ads appear. The page that you want to associate with the ad is called the landing page.

Many times, a new marketer put only the home page of the website and it is not good in any way. A landing page may be a different page that you can design to gain more attention towards the business.

You can create a specific webpage for your marketing and advertising campaign where a user lands after clicking on the ad from many sources like a Google ads, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Bing advertising, and more.

Each landing page has a specific motive call to an action that is typically a button that is a catchy phrase that allows the user to click. The click button may lead the user to another buy product page or a newsletter etc.

Clear benefits of a successful landing page        

A landing page gives some measurable benefits to the business directly and they are easier to deploy in the marketing plans.

Direct Sale

You must have seen the ads of the e-commerce website that take you directly to the buy page of the product where the sole objective is to purchase the product. A well-designed landing page will have the complete information of the product and various options for making the payment. It declutters the overall environment where the user does not distract by the information of the other products, but capturing the attention becomes easier.

Easier setup

Setting a landing page is easier than a full-scale webpage as you only need to input the important data and design differently than the original website. There is multiple landing page designing website where you can choose the template, fill the details, and make it live.

Completely measurable

Measuring the traffic coming to the website is gained through several analytics tools, but checking the performance of the landing page is better. There are simple metrics to measure the performance:

Conversion rate, Bounce rate, and Dwell rate

The conversion rate is the successful completion of the desired action that you wish from the user. The bounce rate is how many users left the page and did not take the action. Dwell time is how much time the user spent on the page.

Develop relationship

The key motive behind the landing page is to increase brand awareness among targeted users. All the above-mentioned benefits help in promoting the website, increasing sales, and building a relationship. Having a trustful user of your business converts the leads to an actual business and gain monetary profits.

Convert traffic to customers

A well-designed landing page with well-placed content can be used in the digital marketing campaign to turn traffic to customers. It is easier to put a targeted keyword with any landing page that is separated from the website. One simple benefit of the landing page is that you can change the content of it regularly that you cannot perform on the webpage.

5 elements for a winning landing page

An efficient landing page consists of all the features of a webpage to make it searchable online. But, several elements should remain universal in any kind of landing page to make it appealing, useful, and creative.

Motive of Landing Page

Your goal should be clear on your landing page. An experienced digital marketer can easily deduce the quality of the landing page by seeing its design. All the design attributes encourage the user to commit an action that is the motive of the landing page.

Some creators who are not well adequate with the design aspects of web development, they overstuff the information, and make the page clumsy.

A useful landing page is minimal, navigable, easy to read, and a simple call to action. To overcome the issue of lack of web design, there is multiple landing page template available on professional websites.

Leadpages is the market leader in creating the best-designed landing pages for any kind of business. It gives a complete package of designing, placing, and promoting the landing page.

Better user experience

Designing the landing page is the core task and providing the best information with great effectiveness. The landing page should be mobile responsive, supportable on every browser, and if there are any animation, then it should lead properly.

Social addition

If you add the social proofs (like testimonials, reviews, and etc.) to the landing page, then it builds more reputation for the business. The social proofs are very persuasive, and convert prospects into customers.

Catchy statements

Catchy statements are the promoting content that you can add to the landing page at their title or somewhere eye-catching place. The catchy statements fill the images or video, and it should be interesting, persuasive, and compelling enough to allow the visitor to click it.

Key benefits, and features

Benefits and features are the ultimate destiny of each landing page that converts the visitors to lead. The conversion rate is achieved through a better response to write a brief paragraph summary with bullet points.

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