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Free SEO Tutorial for Beginners

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Are you looking to start a career in the SEO and want to learn about it? I will help you in putting your first foot forward and gain the detailed information of each topic that is important to promote your business online.

I have posted all the tutorial videos in the simple Hindi so that you will get a deeper knowledge as well as the practical aspects of each topic required in the SEO. This video series is a step-by-step guide for the beginners to understand that how does a Search Engine work and how to design your professional website and improve is ranking in the search engine results.

What you’ll learn

After the completion of this course, you will have the functional knowledge of –

  • How to design a website as per the Search Engine Optimization guidelines?
  • What are the SEO techniques and how do they work?
  • What are the various terminologies for the SEO?
  • How to perform a keyword search?
  • What are off-page and on-page SEO?
  • How to create a secure career in Search Engine Optimization?

This SEO Course is going to help all such individuals who want to start a stable career in Search Engine Optimization, boost their business’s reach, start their business online, and learn new skills.

I'll recommend you, If you New to SEO then you watch SEO videos one by one because which will make it easier to understand SEO. Become a master in search engine optimization, Get started here!


The video guide is going to assist you in getting yourself familiar with the Search Engine Optimization techniques used to promote your websites.

What’s SEO? — A Step by Step Guide

Difference between SEO & PPC?

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

What’s indexing, caching, and crawling?

Basic Terminologies:

Learn the necessary topics that strengthen your business promotion strategies in each promotional method.

What is keyword, and ranking?

What are backlinks?

What is keywords density?

What is domain authority?

What is domain and hosting server?

What’s the difference between do follow and no follow links?

HTML Basics:

Check out how you should design your website to make it easily searchable in the search engine results.

What is HTML?

What is CSS?

What is java script?

Keyword Research:

See how to find the most-suited keyword suitable for the web page and its features.

What’s keyword difficulty?

How to find keywords?

How to use Google keyword planner tool?

On-page Optimization:

To get a better ranking in search results, learn the best on-page optimization techniques in the guides.

On-page SEO — A Complete Guide

How to add meta tags?

How to use heading tags?

How to add image alt tags?

How to create SEO-friendly URLs?

How to optimize content?

How to add canonical tag?

What is redirects?

What are broken links or 404 rrror?

How to create the perfect robots.txt file?

How to create XML sitemap?

What’s schema markup and how to setup it?

How to check page speed of website?

How to add SEO meta robots tag in website?

How to check your website design mobile responsive?

Off-page Optimization:

A complete guide to teach you the important off-page optimization techniques that you need to run routinely for better promotion.

Off-page SEO — A Step by Step Guide

How to do bookmarking?

How to post a article?

How to add business listing?

How to create a Infographic?

How to create backlinks without content?

How to do classified within Seconds?

What is forum posting and how to get backlinks?

Career in SEO:

In the last module of the video series, you will learn that what strategies you should adopt to make a secure and fruitful career in SEO.

What is the scope and future of SEO?

The scope of SEO is very good and has a bright future. You can do full-time work, part time, or start your own business. SEO will create more than 2 Lakh jobs in coming years.

How to make SEO resume?

You can download SEO Analyst resume format, and edit this resume easily — Download here

How to prepare for SEO interview?

Top 31 SEO interview questions with answers

31 most common SEO interview questions with answers that help you to crack your SEO interview:

5 most common interview questions with smart answers

5 most common interview questions with smart answers that help you to crack your interview:


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