Feeling overwhelmed by the alphabet soup of Facebook advertising terms? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This guide is designed to be your one-stop shop for mastering the essential Facebook ad lingo. We’ll translate the jargon jungle into clear and actionable knowledge, empowering you to run successful Facebook ad campaigns.


a) IC – Initiate checkout
b) ATC – Add to cart
c) CTR – Click through rate
d) LP – Landing Page
e) LPV – Landing page View
f) OTO – One-time offer
g) PPE – Page post engagement
h) VV – Video views
i) VC – View content
j) DTC – Direct to consumer
k) CTA – Call to action
l) CPC – Cost per click
m) CPE – Cost per engagement
n) CPM – Cost per mille

This is the price you pay for 1,000 impressions on your Facebook ads. ‘mille’ means 1,000 in the Latin language.

o) A/B Testing

Experimenting with different ad variations (A vs B) to see which one performs better.


a) TOF – Top of the funnel
b) MOF – Middle of the funnel
c) BOF – Bottom of the funnel

Campaign Types:

a) ASC – Advantage shopping campaign
b) CBO – Campaign budget optimization
c) ABO – Ad set budget optimization
d) DPA – Dynamic product ads
e) XS – Cross-Sell
f) RT – Retargeting
g) US – Up-sell
h) AAA – Advantage+ app campaigns (formerly known as Automated App Ads)


a) CA – Custom audience
b) LAL – Lookalike
c) LLA – Lookalike audience


a) AOV – Average order value
b) CPA – Cost per action
c) CPR – Cost per result
d) CPP – Cost per purchase
e) ROAS – Return on ad spend
f) CAC – Customer acquisition cost
g) CRO – Conversion rate optimization
h) CLTV – Customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV)
i) LTV – Life-time value (LTV) or Lifetime customer value (LCV)

j) CVR – Conversion rate

In the specific context of Facebook Ads, CVR doesn’t actually have a universally recognized “exact full form.” It’s more of an abbreviation that stands for a concept: Conversion Rate.

Here’s why there’s no exact full form:

Focus on the Concept: Facebook itself primarily uses the term “Conversion Rate” instead of CVR in its documentation and user interface.

Industry Standard: Within the marketing and advertising industry, CVR is a widely accepted abbreviation for Conversion Rate, regardless of the platform (Facebook, Google, etc.).

So, while there isn’t a formal full form for CVR in Facebook, understanding that it stands for Conversion Rate and its importance in measuring your ad campaign’s effectiveness is key.